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One thing that gets talked about constantly in the music industry is the “It factor”. How a person or artist has the natural capability to wow or influence the people. This individual has all of that and then some LITERALLY. It is impossible to put a creative like Chris Scholar in a box because his talent would simply destroy it. Chris Scholar is a singer, songwriter, videographer, and director from Richmond, Virginia. His resume is very extensive and the projects that he has been attached to are so superb. Chris has worked with artists from 2 Chainz to Nelly, and even Florida Georgia Line. Chris recently released a project titled “For Lovers”. I had the amazing opportunity listen to Chris Scholar himself talk about the journey that has led him to where he is now.

Down below is my interview with Chris Scholar.

How did your music journey begin and did Richmond, Virginia play a part in it?

I went to Virginia Commonwealth University so just being in the city and touching the radio station and also the Boys and Girls Clubs. I worked for them on the southside of Richmond and I just really started to inspire kids there by showing them the process of recording and making music. Something else I would do is perform for toy drives on the northside of Richmond. Just know that there aren’t many major artists that come from Richmond other than your Chris Brown’s and DeAngelo’s.

My focus is to give back to the city and not just through music, but also through film.

Chris scholar

What is the premise of the “For Lovers” tape? Why did you decide to collaborate with Drew Ashby?

I’ve never did a body of work with just one producer. So, this was kind of a way for me and him to collaborate and get a feel for each other. Drew is actually my brother in law. He’s a jazz musician so he was really always looking up to me as far as what I did with music. And then he started getting into this producer space coming from a jazz background playing trumpet. I told him he should add a few things to his records and quickly he became really solid.

Later on this company in London reached out to me to do this cover, I was always a fan of covers and they said that they could get it on Spotify and other places so I was like alright. So then I asked them if I could turn this into a five song tape and they said lets do it.

So, being that Virginia is for lovers that is where the title came from. I wanted to pick records that were older and some that were newer that embodied this feeling of love. And also with the pandemic I just wanted to make some music that was uplifting and at the same time it was a way for me to tap into the R&B sound vocally. Drew reproduced everything from scratch. We didn’t use any of the original instrumentals so that we can cultivate our own vibe and our own sound.

What course do you see yourself taking as a filmmaker and music video director in the future?

My film production company is called BOOC and we rebranded it in 2020. We had a lot of time to sit down and do work. I’ve always been doing a lot of film since I was 18, filming party videos and all sorts of things. Eventually the way it came out it was an necessity to have dope videos and I didn’t have the money to pay people to do dope videos so I received access to a camera and figured it out.

The party videos were like practice, I got bored cutting the same things over and over again. So that’s when I started learning effects. And when I was watching movies, whenever I seen something super dope I would be like how can I create this with what I have? So that’s what created my style, once I started learning the ways to achieve those it made my style. Sometimes you know other people go through school and formally learn how to do different things and they have more resources. I just knew whatever I wanted to see I was going to create it with what I HAD.

Could you talk about the meaning of your production company BOOC?

Some things that are dope in one video you are going to recycle it and it becomes part of your brand and look. That’s also how the process of me getting into film worked, but then with BOOC it was about branding the company. It was bigger than me at that point at first it was just me directing. And then when I went to L.A I started to learn about the ends and outs of production. There are different people who work different positions. I started to sit back and watch while I was apart of these productions and realized that it didn’t have to just fall all on me.

Once I put in the ground work and had the attention I could start actually providing opportunities to others. That’s what the production company is based on. I want BOOC to be one of the biggest production companies in the world. We want to get into more films, we want to start cartoon productions. I just want the brand to be expressive of love, fun and providing opportunities for as many people as I can.

How Important is networking, putting yourself out there and getting yourself outside of your comfort zone?

Networking is everything, I think if you want to get yourself heard you have to speak up in all places. And I know some people are shy, but when we create, we created to share and inspire. If you keep that stuff bottled in what good is it doing. We are only here for a certain amount of time so while we are here we have to move forward. I think networking is everything even when it comes to literally shaking people hands saying hi. Most of the people I’ve seen in person or had some kind of exchange are the people who stick around for the long run. In this day and age we get confused because of the phones. Having real interactions with people represents your brand. I believe networking is the number one key point to getting things done.

You can stream the “For Lovers” Mixtape down below!

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