Chris Clemenza Is Killing the A&R/Management Game

Chris Clemenza is one of the hottest up and coming A&Rs in the music industry. His clients have seen much success in the last couple of years. This is all a testament to the great work that Chris does. His energy is always high and he’s looking for opportunities every day. Chris Clemenza has helped the careers of Jay Gwuapo, Teejay3k, Squidnice, and many more. His work as a manager has helped elevate him and his artists daily.

Peep our candid interview to learn about his previous work below.

Chris Clemenza
Kazi Mag: Who is Chris Clemenza?

Chris Clemenza: My name is Chris Clemenza and I’m a record label owner, Artist Manager, A&R, Clothing brand owner & Recording studio owner.

KM: How did Nice Entertainment come about? What artists do you work with?

CC: I met my brother Squidnice back in 2017. He had the idea to start and build a record label together. Shortly after, I turned those dreams into reality and Nice Entertainment was born. In the next few months to follow, I met artists Bobbynice & Smaccnice. We immediately hit it off, which made the creative process such a success.

KM: You have your own recording studio in New Jersey under the Nice Entertainment umbrella. How does that impact your roster of clients under your management?

CC: This gives any artist under my management a huge advantage. Free studio time is available to them, at their convenience.

KM: What do you look for in an artist when considering working with them?

CC: I specifically look for any artist with a very strong work ethic. They cannot be afraid to invest in themselves. We will not be able to include the full management packages and get each artist exactly where they need to be if they are afraid to invest in themselves.

KM: What artists do you currently work with and what artists have you done A&R work with?

CC: I currently do artist management for NY artist Jay Gwuapo, as well as, Squidnice, Bobbynice, & Smaccnice…everyone can expect to see big things from them in 2021. I’ve done A&R work for Jay Gwuapo, Teejay3k, Squidnice, Bobbynice, Smaccnice, Leeky Bandz, Smooky Margielaa, Matt OX, AKTHESAVIOR, & many more.

Stay tuned for more work from him and his team soon!

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