Chris Brown & Young Thug prove to be a lethal duo on ‘Slime & B’

When the headline of Chris Brown and Young Thug‘s collab project first came together, eyes were instantly drawn towards the unexpected duo. The mixtape is coming as a celebratory release in honor of Breezy’s 31st birthday. Despite both of their established reputations, it was a wonder on how their two sounds could fuse for an entire body of work. It raised the question as to whether the duo has the natural chemistry to make a really dope and cohesive project.

The answer is yes and after a few listens, you find yourself wondering why it was questioned in the first place. This project is really good and the fact that we can’t hear really hear this at a day party or in your car en route to starting your weekend is disrespectful. For an entire 12-song span, it’s a fun ride in a Lambo that immediately starts off with their foot on the gas. In regards to chemistry, Thugger and CB spend their time on Slime & B throwing each other alley-oop passes anytime they cross paths.

From the moment it kicks off with the intro “Say You Love Me”, their star power shines across the bouncy, 808-infused production that drags you in and makes you buckle up for more. What makes this such an enjoyable project is that you can tell that their ability to really come into each other’s worlds gives a Yin and Yang-like balance that’s worthy of a chef’s kiss. This isn’t them trying to force a blend, this is them figuring out how each other can coincide within each other’s sound.

In one moment, you can hear Chris Brown’s signature upbeat R&B vibe with a spritz of bounce throughout “Go Crazy.” Next thing you know, you’re switching gears into Thugger‘s park as they glide across the druggy guitar chords on “She Bumped Her Head”, where Gunna is also found in Yoda form with a very impressive verse.

The middle of the project is packed with hidden gems for both fan bases to listen to also. “Big Slimes”, featuring Lil Duke, has that signature YSL slimey trap sound that makes the song bump so hard. A couple of songs later, you’ll find a potential summer anthem in “City Girls”, an ode to all the pretty faces that love 1942 and turning up with their crew. They even grab legendary Bay Area rappers E-40 & Too Short to make an appearance on the tipsy banger “Undrunk”. The project is closed out by the Wheezy-produced “Help Me Breathe”, a charming, sample-powered love ballad by Thugger and fellow Atlanta rap veteran Future.

“Slime & B” is a really fun project that’s filled with hits, whether it’s the ones you drive to or the ones you get the club jumping with. The two heavy hitters came together to deliver this year’s most enjoyable tag-team project thus far. This wasn’t a battle for who could take over this mixtape, it’s a successful merger of their sounds to give the fans something they can really enjoy. Although the celebration is forced to be at home, “Slime & B” carries a party of its own.

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