Chris Brown and Gunna heat it up for the end of summer

Chris Brown and Gunna sell women’s clothing in the Indigo store proving that the customer is always right.

Summer’s almost over, yet that doesn’t stop Chris Brown and Gunna from turning up the heat one last time. For the “Heat” visual, Brown and Gunna sell clothing to women anxious for more than shopping the latest styles. Of course, the clothing store is named after his most recent album, Indigo.

The video starts with women throwing themselves at the door of the Indigo store. Gunna nudges CB regarding the flock of beautiful women. It’s almost impossible to do their jobs with the plethora of women walking around them. Each customer they interact with makes them work for their “sale.” They agree to take care of business and then handle the other business with their favorite customers behind closed doors. The customer’s always right, right?

With each visual created, his creativity seemingly only expands more and more. Throughout the visual, Chris and his suavely-dressed entourage dance around in two-piece suits, meanwhile the lady dancers kill it too. (Sidenote: Only Chris Brown can make a dance routine in business-casual clothing look so…casual!)

Check out the video below and feel the heat from the drip. “Heat” is the latest Brown single, following the Drake-assisted top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hit, “No Guidance”.

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