Chow Lee Says ‘Sue Me’ to his haters

Chow Lee is a rising name in not only NY, but modern rap as well. His middle finger to the industry is in the form of this seventeen-song project entitled Sue Me. As his lawyers shake their heads, we dive into this unrelenting brilliance that is at hand. With samples from Mariah Carey, Pretty Ricky, and even a stellar “Stacey’s Mom” flip, there’s a taste for everyone on here. 

Chow is good friends with Cash Cobain, but he shines on his own and paints his story quite vividly. This isn’t a conscientious style of rap, it leans more towards his love for women and his tribulations that come along with that. You may have peeped the video for “Nobody” a few months back, but this is project is carrying the torch to the next level. 

Yes, this is a very modern take on Drill or New York’s style as a whole. Moreover, the melding of melodies and energy that it curates is special. To a newcomer who is not familiar with sample drill, this should be the blueprint for a thorough introduction. The mix of notable songs flipped on their head tops lures the novice in and then wins them over while they float. Chow is going to receive some calls off of this project, but it’s truly a great marketing scheme to get people aware. Sue him if you please, he does not worry about the repercussions.

Lastly, take a listen to the hard new album Sue Me from Chow Lee here!

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