Chloe x Halle Do It For The Girls with Album ‘Ungodly Hour’

It’s not often you turn on an album expectation free and it exceeds anything you would have thought of. Each song possesses a power through harmonies, touching you on various levels. An album that makes you want to scream, love, and embrace the many cycles we move through as we mature. Songs that make you feel inherently woman, girly, or simply in touch with you. Something simply fun. Chloe x Halle delivered just that on Ungodly Hour with their sonically pleasing production, layers, and voices. Reminding me of the same feeling attributed to hearing Ari Lennox or the first time Solange’s A Seat at the Table played through my speakers: I felt good, I was instantly in awe.

Ungodly Hour serves as the Grammy-nominated duo’s second studio album released June 12th. The title fits the album’s theme of imperfections, pleasure, and is just a really good time. Back in May, they released the first single from the album “Do It” with a lively visual that heightened the anticipation amongst fans. Originally to be released June 5th, the sisters felt the need to postpone due to the racial climate and protests surrounding George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s death. In the midst, they took to their Instagram and released a chilling video singing “We Shall Overcome.”

You may have watched their rise to stardom and found it easy to label them as extremely innocent or plain old sweet; placing them in a box. However, Ungodly Hour shows us that everything isn’t glitter and gold. Chloe x Halle push limits of dealing with confused men in “Wonder What She Thinks of Me”, playing games in “Busy Boy” and the overall feelings that come with the ins and outs of growing into your own in “Lonely” and “Overwhelmed.” An unapologetically, all-girl album meant to make you feel heard. 

At 13 tracks total, there’s a song for everyone. Check out some favorites:

“Forgive Me” comes on just after the intro of the album and may I just say this is such a strong start. With lyrics like “You must got me f*cked up/ I think I’ve had enough” the ladies paint a picture of being done with that trash boyfriend you wasted time with and verbatim “moving onto better things.” Definitely giving upbeat fed up vibes which you can’t help but cheer on.

“Tipsy” may be one of the more creative tracks where the lyrics suggest a drunken murder plot out of the sake of treating people right. Coming from a good place, the idea of not breaking someone’s heart is exaggerated. The twist they put on simply doing right by your other half is very fun. Also, the bridge here may be one of my favorites on the album.

The album titled track “Ungodly Hour” is definitely a top 3 pick. From listening, you can notice the maturity of the duo coming more into their own. The upbeat, almost disco-like track simply discusses them telling a potential that when they feel ready, call. A feel-good song about accepting one’s flaws and showing up when it’s time.

“Don’t Make It Harder On Me” features very soulful vocals whereas a listener you can truly feel the pleading spirit behind the lyrics “I told you not to want me/ But you don’t listen to me/ And you never did…” It’s a song about being stuck in a hard place (between two love interests). I love this song not only because of the lyrical content but it sounds so light, it flows so easily.

“Wonder What She Thinks of Me” surely shocked me content-wise on the album as it steps out of the box of innocence for Chloe x Halle. However, it serves as the most vocally pleasing track on the album for me. The angelic voices fans love really show up here with the different tones and layers to their voices. It’s dramatic and bold, you get so wrapped in the perspective of being the other woman simply off of the production. 

Ungodly Hour is vibrant, fun, and succeeds at painting pictures. Each song serves a purpose from the Intro to the very last song “ROYL” (I personally had zero skips). What is most impressive is that Chloe x Halle has proven to be a triple threat: writing and producing the majority of their songs on top of having voices that mesh so well. The hands-on approach aids in the intricacy of their music which seems to only improve the older they get. Be sure to stream Ungodly Hour soon.

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