Chief Vice Shines on “Get Mine”

Chief Vice has just dropped for the first time since he dropped his debut project, Nothing to Something. The single is titled “Get Mine,” where he navigates through the paranoia of having a lack of awareness as to whether the people closest to him are his friends or enemies, all while trying to progress as an artist. The song is released under HGH Brand, an independent label/management company based in Virginia. This single is an in-depth look into the heart of Chief. His impressive melody has put him into a space of his own in Virginia. He is looking to share this sound with the rest of the world now.  

More about Chief Vice

Chief Vice (pronounced Veece) is a Virginia based artist who has become known for his
melodic hooks & catchy verses. After years of releasing music for fun, Vice decided to
take his craft seriously & sign with HGH Brand, an independent label/management
company based in Virginia as well. Following the release of six singles, he decided to
drop his debut project Nothing To Something. With the strength of his lead single
“Heartless,” which approximated over 136,000 streams, the release catapulted Vice’s
career and furthered his outreach to over 100,000 monthly listeners.

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