Chicago Artist Mello Spazzout Using Music To Inspire

As Mello Spazzout makes music, he pushes for his music to carry a message for everyone that gives his songs a listen. With many releases that came out over the past four months, Mello Spazzout has worked to put a message into his music that will stick in the minds of his listeners.

With no wasted words, verses, flows, or hooks, Mello Spazzout looks to show his fans and listeners the lessons he’s learned and the tough times he has overcome. By putting his life into his songs, he speaks about the pain he’s been through, what it’s like being from the streets, as well as what he has had to do just to survive another day. The level of honesty and truth in Mello’s music is stunning.

By having music as an outlet, Mello Spazzout has been able to use his music as a way to share his stories and life lessons in a timeless manner. By cementing a bigger meaning into the words he writes and records, Mello is no stranger to telling people how it is and being upfront about everything. With this level of transparency, Mello Spazzout’s music is meant to deliver and shock each listener. Each level of his music is sure to reach every level of the listener. 
Be sure to keep up with Mello Spazzout on his Instagram page here, watch his music videos on his YouTube channel here, as well as listen to all present and future releases from Mello Spazzout on his Spotify page here.

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