Chelly Flame Is On Fire With New Trendy Track Titled, “Bandz”

Atlanta’s hottest artist Chelly Flame continues to bring the heat during the cold weather! In fact, following up her “Hot” hit single, the rising rhymer returns with her most recent release, “Bandz”! Unveiling her 2022 debut single “Bandz,” Chelly Flame ushers in a new style. Showcasing her versatility, Chelly Flame is in pursuit of dropping off her biggest hit to date! 

Ready to set the industry a blaze, the fiery artist exudes an appealing charisma while infusing her music with roaring rhymes and a boisterous attitude. As a multifaceted musician and dynamic creator, Chelly can switch it up with ease. She can enlist both an appealing singing voice while spittin’ an artillery-like flow. Regardless of her approach, no beat is safe from Chelly Flame! 

Chelly Flame Is Poppin’ “Bandz”

For her fresh new release, Chelly opens up the record with high energy! Right after finishing off the hook, she slides into her first verse with one of the smoothest transitions. Chelly is experimenting with a new approach on “Bandz” as she includes massive synths and 808s in the production. However, stepping out of her sound a little – it still appears to be second nature to her, as she rides the beat with ease.

Although her previous release “Hot” was dubbed as one of her most successful songs to date; she may have just outdone herself with this one! Her 2022 sizzling single comes on the heels of her popular previous hit “Hot”  which has amassed over 420K Spotify streams and counting. As well as her debut single “Big Flame,” which lit her musical torch and has garnered over 570K Spotify streams and 791K YouTube views. 

The “Big Flame” Turned “Hot” and Into “Bandz”

Between her debut single “Big Flame,” collaboration with Spinabenz on “Red Shirt,” her recently released single “Hot,” and now, “Bandz”, Chelly is proving her place in the industry while keeping her mic wrapped around the game’s throat! Chelly Flame may be newly-signed to Babygrande Records, but her sound and marketability make her an obvious artist to keep an eye on. Chelly is keen on branding the game with her distinctive flair, and she hasn’t even scratched the surface of her potential, thanks to her talent and poise. It may be rare for new artists to emerge with such a firm grasp on their sound and approach, but Chelly Flame came and conquered just that. She stands out among the rap game’s overflow of talent, delivering her rhymes with the finesse of a seasoned pro.

Overall, Chelly conveys an image that reflects her ability on the mic: always composed and charismatic. While her wordplay is wicked, she delivers each bar with assurance. Now that Chelly Flame has stepped on the scene, it’s lights out for everyone else! For now, press play here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think! 


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