Cheedoe Aka MROYEAH Releases Cheedoes Legacy With DJ Legacy

Cheedoe is one of the most talented up and coming music artist around. MROYEAH has displayed his music talent with many records and projects. His latest music project Cheedoes Legacy features an amazing artwork. It is very clever and will catch any music listeners eye. Cheedoe has dropped a music tape with Chicagos very own, Dj Legacy. The new music project is now streaming on @mymixtapez @livemixtapes and @spinrilla. 

Another song by Cheedoe doing well is “Like I’m 23”.

Fans really like the record and it also has a well constructed artwork like the Legacy project. 

Cheedoe has lots of new music and content on the way. All Cheedoe knows is work and he never gives up. He has been applying pressure all year and is on the way to blow up and cross over into the mainstream.

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