Check Out New Track “Drip” By Emerging Harlem Rapper Diamond Qing.

Hailing from the infamous block the late great Big L once dubbed the “Danger Zone,” (139th st. and Lenox Ave.) Harlem, NY Rapper Diamond Qing drops “Drip”. The bass-heavy trap tune showcases Harlem brashness that we have come accustomed to hearing, just not from a woman.

Diamond describes her sound as “Baddie music, young boss bitch music. A Harlem girl with a microphone. Abrasive, in your face, and unapologetic. Street music with urgency. For women who get to it.” 

That is true on “Drip”, over production from Grigoryan, Diamond speaks matter factly; while the violent drums pound, Diamond sets the tone on what type of time she is on.

Speaking on her first effort, Diamond said: “Hopefully Drip is received as just a girl having fun. I think in terms of girls who rap, the content is taken too seriously and is over scrutinized. I just wanted to have fun. And with Drip I wanted to set the tone of how I’m going to always approach my music.”

Check Out Drip Below.

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