Chase SOS Stunts On “Show No Luv”

Chase SOS, AKA RayQuan Rogers, is one of the most promising artists out of Long Island. On his visual for “Show No Luv”, he and Jay Gwuapo teamed up to create a masterpiece. The cinematic mini-movie is violent but real. The streets are nothing to play with, and he wanted his fans to see the brutal truth. Chase SOS’s music has always resonated with people in his area. Many people would say he was a popular kid in school. His neighborhood in Long Island shows him endless respect. He started in Crown Heights, NY but had to move to Long Island because he couldn’t keep his head straight. After that, he decided to take the music business more seriously. Although he started at Freeport Highschool, he plans to take his talents to the world.

Chase SOS looks forward to collaborating with artists like Meek Mill, Khalid, Lil Tjay, and other fire artists from the Tri-State area. “Show No Luv” is a potent reminder to fans about the highs and lows of the street life. If you are going to be apart of the streets, then you better play it safe. He & Jay Gwuapo together are a match made in NY music heaven. Their sounds together blend to create a new anthem for hoods around the world. Two money makers are together, showing the world that New York is still in charge of the music scene.

Check out the chilling video today!

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