Chase Fetti delivers somber new visual

Posted up in a cemetery with a blunt in hand, New Jersey rapper Chase Fetti has a conversation with a late friend in new “Talk To You” visual. The piano-laced beat and his tone convey a sense of sadness as he reflects on all he’s lost and the lifestyle that’s contributed to it.

“Catch ’em lackin then we up one, suffer from collision, walk away or be the tough one, but maybe that’s the reason you keep talking all my loved ones” he repeats over the chorus, only the second go ground he switches out the last line for “keep that eagle till them doves come.” Having lost so much, he feels the need to protect himself. It’s sad but it’s his reality.

For me, it’s impressive to see an artist who hasn’t yet truly blown be so introspective. Most artists want to fit into the autotune trap lane, but Fetti opted to step out and really provide a look into his life. I’m certain listeners will feel more connected after viewing this.

Fetti’s actually been around for some time though. Having previously worked with A$AP Rocky, Memphis Bleek, Cory Guns and more, he’s gained a diverse understanding of how the game works from all directions. He’s learning to invest and own things en route to providing his daughter a better life.

He’s tapping into the modeling game and acting as well. Having rapped since 11-years-old, he’s developed patience and the drive to continue pushing even after gaining recognition. The viral moments don’t last without more work put behind them.

“Talk To You” follows up his visual for “Class” that dropped a month ago. Chase is currently working on a few projects possibly set to release later this year. That can be music projects or the next outfit you’ll wear to a Sunday brunch. Stay tuned for all the rapper is doing, but for now press play on “Talk To You.”

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