Charm La’Donna Is More Than Good Luck!

The potential future westside woman of the year Charm La’Donna has more than goo luck on her side; she has immense talent and a unique vibe to her. Like your favorite food or smell, Charm’s style and sound is infectious to the year.

Versatile vocal prowess and a strong pen game akin to one of her influences Kendrick Lamar puts her in a special place. A lowkey ascending powerhouse from Los Angeles is no stranger to the big stage but music takes priority this time from other ventures.

Her origins being a creative prodigy some of the most iconic sets, which can be googled, are cool. However, she’s a music artist and that deserves respect. Coming from Compton, in my opinion, is unique in that she’s her own style. With many legends coming from the area, La’Donna separates herself being the self loving queen.

She referenced “So &So,” one of her breakout singles as a pep talk to herself and fellow black women. Charm wants black women to feel as much as a “Queen,” which is also her latest single ironically, as possible.

“Representation matters, in every aspect, especially for black women,” she said. Charm continued with “I want my art to help be a voice for us cause it’s important.”

A powerful statement which showcases the strong and amazing personality Charm La’Donna has. Her current and future music, in her words, will “push boundaries” that are needed to be pushed.

With her growing fanbase, she’s developing a fanbase that allows her to do that. It can naturally for her.

She’s pretty “Charming,” if I do so say myself! Photographer credit: Rolexx

It Clicked for Charm in her momments

For the Compton good luck Charm, that following grew from her “living in her moments;” according to her. Nothing is forced for her, from the sound to the messages in her track, it’s in sync.

It’s allowing her to showcase her artistry more to the world, not just a overall creative genius. One of her goals is to show she’s more than what is out there or meets the eye.

“While I’m on this journey, to show the world my sound, many people will have opinions,” she said. “If people like it or not, I will like it. So far I heard great feedback so that helps me but it’s so much self love in me that it gives me courage to take this step. My support group is great as well so whoever takes my music in will have to take it as is!”

For her, music is life and love. The future music Charm plans to release, in her words, “needs to happen genuinely and organically.” Me, being the curious journalist I am, tired to get her to leak a snippet for Kazi but she kept her lips sealed.

I think it’s better that way and it has me excited for Charm’s future. Like Kendrick and her other main influences the late Michael Jackson, she is a one of a kind jack in the box talent. You can’t label La’Donna but you should definitely appreciate her.

Like the quote, “Life is not a dress rehearsal,” which La’Donna put in her high school yearbook, she lives life her way. Charm is in her moment fully, not half way. Anything she takes on in life, she gives it her all just like her influences and it can be very appreciated.

“Do what you want in the moment, follow your dreams, and take everything!

Charm la’Donna on explaining the quote “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”

More Than Good Luck

Luck has nothing to do with her success in my humble opinion. Charm’s demeanor, grace, and humility to was granting her life to unravel beautifully in front of her eyes. The world is her throne and she’s embracing the “Queen” that she is!

That is especially important considering that this is International Women’s month and Charm fully showcases the beauty of women. A sweet gentle soul with huge aspirations and intelligence that allows her to make the world her own personal canvas to draw out her life.

Speaking of her latest single, you may watch it below! Before you view it, keep in mind that you’re watching a future star.

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