Charlieonnafriday Spreads The Good Vibes On Track “After Hours”

When starting a career in music, Washington artist Charlieonnafriday had a simple goal: to create music that improves the lives of others and spreads good vibes. “I’ve always loved walking into a setting and changing the energy in a room in a positive way, the only way to do that on a bigger scale was through the music,” he once said. In his hit song “After Hours,” it can be safely said that this goal has been achieved. This track is able to affect the entire music industry for the foreseeable future.
Charlie has taken inspiration from and based his music off the works of Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Mike Stud. In “After Hours,” Charlie is also constantly drawing comparisons to another 18-year-old artist: Kid Laroi, a global superstar who works with some of the greatest in the music and entertainment industry. Not bad company to be in.
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