Charlie Rothsteen, San Diego’s Success Story

Charlie Rothsteen, an ascending rapper from San Diego is a unique character. Blood relations to Atlanta artist Young Dro, A versatile sound, and a love for comics makes Charlie one of a kind. Add in work with Mistah Fab and you got a new star. With the recent release of his single “Boffum,” I spoke with him and the first thing I noticed was his intelligence.

(FYI – My interviews always will highlight the target not his collogues, that information is searchable on the internet.)

Charlie is a man of high intellect but he makes it relatable to the people he makes music for. “Music is a medium to communicate messages and with the life I live so far, I hope lives are changed with my words. Certain verbiage can triggers potential for positive changes within the mind.”

Another key aspect to his artistry is Charlie’s transparency. Rothsteen is not afraid of using music to tell his life stories and show love to his fellow artists worldwide. Even in a recent interview he named fellow artists for people to listen to. That shows how big his heart is and wholesome his mindset is.

However, the life Charlie lived was full of turmoil and sacrifice. That didn’t stop Rothsteen from progressing his career; it only motivated him.

“Life and perseverance marks the themes within my music. As black people, we are already conformed to difficulties that can hinder our growth. Some white music executives can try to manipulate us into being ‘gangsters’ but in reality, we’re human. We cry, we mourn, we live life. “

Charlie Rothsteen

Charlie is Black Ultimatum, power in prominence

My favorite part of our conversation was our open he is to discuss the roots of the problems black artists face when building a brand. The term “selling your soul for money” comes up a lot and Charlie didn’t hold back.

“We need to put each other in power so corrupted white executives can’t take advantage of us. We need to be our own counselors, teachers, and story tellers to progress us. I’m not saying exclude other cultures because I love people but black people need to support black people.”

A powerful and educated artist who just wants the best for people. Outside of music, Charlie runs a successful food business. Rebounding from former criminal acts, he wants to empower and show people that it’s never too late to change your life.

Also to showcase that you can make money the right and legal why. He wants black children to see that and aspire to become successful people in life. To put it simply, Charlie Rothsteen is more than music. He’s an example of a successful black man; who just happens to have good musical talents.

From his 2016 single “Minute Maid” to 2021, Charlie has grown into a budding star artist with a great head on his shoulders. Tune into his story and keep him on your radar.

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