Changing the Sports Gaming Experience, One Blowout At a Time

The Blowout Feature Team’s mission is to change the user experience for sports video gamers who choose to apply the blowout feature idea. The blowout feature allows games to be automatically won once the lead reaches the pre-established blowout point lead.

Before the game, players can select whether or not they want to use the blowout feature as well as by how many points. The feature has a standard of 35 points, but setting options include 21, 30, 35, and 40 points. Once a player selects to use the blowout feature, he or she is matched with another player who selected to do so as well. For example, Player 1 selects to use the blowout feature with a blowout of 35 points. He/she is then partnered with another player who also selected to use the feature. Once Player 1 takes on a 35 point lead, he/she then is presented with the option to accept his/her “blowout victory” or continue playing the game.

Using the blowout feature eliminates players continuing to play the game after it’s over. It also allows gamers to end the game without having to quit and receive a penalty. Furthermore, The Blowout Feature creates a different achievement batch. Gamers would also gain bragging rights for how many blowout victories they’ve accumulated. With the Blowout Feature, there’s a double sense of victory. Not only do gamers just win a game, but also take home a blowout victory. Supporters of the feature claim this idea will improve their gaming experience by making it more fun, stating that [they] “can’t believe this feature isn’t in the game already.”

Ultimately, the goal is to have the blowout feature embedded into 2k and EA sports. Moreover, The Blowout Feature Team is working on a FIFA prototype to make this feature accessible to soccer video gamers as well. Visit The Blowout Feature Team’s Youtube and website for prototype examples.

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