Chanel Anna Nicole Glows in “Bonnie”

Today, women are aware that they do not need a companion to feel complete. “BONNIE” channels independence. Also, “BONNIE” is telling women that “BONNIE” is still “BONNIE” with or without Clyde. This video is for women to know that it is okay to have love/companionship, but to remember that they are individuals who can make things happen..” – Chanel Anna Nicole

“BONNIE” is the debut video from this Detroit songstress. It’s already climbing to almost 300K streams on Youtube. She’s one of the front runners in R&B coming out of Detroit currently. The song was produced by Brian White and the video directed by Jew Does It. From a young age, Chanel Anna Nicole has felt “God created her to sing for the world..” Her versatility backs up this claim and her range goes beyond various genres. The visual shows her elegance as she stunts. Chanel has the star power and is destined to be one of the biggest icons in the game if she keeps up the pace.

Please watch the steamy new visual for “BONNIE” and share your thoughts.

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