Celeste Arrazolo: Talks Debut Single “Caution” (Interview)

Los Angeles based soul singer Celeste Arrazolo has released her debut material “Caution”. As this is her first coming of the year, she made sure to craft a classic record for music lovers all over the world. Her infusion of pop, soul and r&b creates an impressive unique sound. 

I had the opportunity to catch up with the songstress, as she discussed growing up in Houston, overcoming hardship being a solo artist. Check out the full interview below. 

Celeste Arrazolo Interview

Brittany: What was the inspiration behind your “Caution” single?

Celeste Arrazolo: Caution was inspired by my life, by the troubled friends I’ve loved and had to let go. I picked this song to debut because it is raw and honest. As an artist I was in my most vulnerable state writing and performing this song. I felt it gave me the perfect way to introduce my sound and really connect with my first fans, who are a large part my personal friends righty now, which is sick. 

Brittany: How would you best describe your sound?

Celeste: I’ve wrestled with this question a bit because I set out to make music that tests the limits of the music I love. Something that sounds classic, and transcendent. I know, big aspirations. Recently someone described my music as Emo-soul and I think that’s great. 

Brittany: Since releasing your debut single, how have things changed for you? 

Celeste: It’s pretty wild that at any point people around the world can press play on my music. It makes me feel naked in the best way. I’ve been overwhelmed by support and encouragement to keep going.

I was waiting for a long time for someone to give me permission to make music and now that I’ve given myself ownership over my vision and my sound, I feel more empowered than ever. I’m happier than ever. I’m already itching to release more music. 

Brittany: Has has your upbringing in Houston Texas impacted you musically?

Celeste: Of course. Oh man I love Houston. There’s such a rich history of music there. We have a lot of pride for the musicians that come out of the city and it’s always amazing to see how we rise to the occasion when supporting them. I always dreamed of being the next musical champion for the city, maybe one day.

I hear slight touches of country music, the story-telling aspect in my music and I’m all for it. I got a beautiful blend of music growing up from country, to soul, latin, to the hip-hop legends that emerged from the Houston music scene. 

Brittany: How were you able to translate your life experiences into song? 

Celeste: It took practice. I never took a class on writing songs, undoubtedly I don’t know as much as I should. But I trusted my instincts, I just wrote the truth. Caution actually took me about 30 minutes to write from start to finish.

Brittany: What is one thing most of the world does not know about you? 

Celeste: I’ve been painfully shy my WHOLE life. It’s something I still battle with, not the best quality to have as an artist. But I think it’s important to push yourself, so I do constantly. 

Press play below to stream Celeste Arrazolo’s “Caution” below.

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