Celebrated Musician The Truth Experiment Is Beyond His Years

Because the music industry is buzzing with new artists every day, Jake “The Truth Experiment” Broido knew that refining his artistry to envelop a much more nuanced sound would be the only way he would stand out amidst the roaring competition. From consistent studio sessions to experimenting with new sound kits, Broido began to develop and hone his craft, finding a much more real taste and direction of the unique sound he was looking for. After receiving equity from his royalties, he was able to fund his solo career under his stage name “The Truth Experiment.” Thus, allowing him to have more control over his career and musical direction.

On a musical level, The Truth Experiment transforms every live performance’s raw passion and emotions when showcasing his music. When it comes to his music, If the song evokes the same feeling and portrays the same intention, he knows he’s accomplished his job. Broido ultimately comprehends that music is food for the soul, and he wants his listeners to find a sense of reality and purpose when listening to his music.

This year, The Truth Experiment is set to storm the music world, becoming a role model in his lane while continuing to cement his stance within his industry.

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