Ceesar Is Making Us Speechless This Festive Season

As we move towards Christmas, here’s the most prominent artist in the music industry that you should be downloading.

The last two years have changed music for all of us. The more artists light up the digital world with their new tunes, the more music we get to enjoy. An artist isn’t one-dimensional anymore. They can control their destiny, their music, and their revenue.

One artist that is smashing the old ways out of the water to make way for the digital era is Ceesar. This top artist released his latest single Speechless (Afrobeats Remix) this November which on top of this year’s previous releases have combined well over 200k streams on Spotify alone. Ceesar has been turning heads all over the music scene and advocates for the way digital platforms connect fans to their favorite artists.

Speechless Hits Over 200k Streams

Ceesar’s single ‘Speechless’ has gone viral for its splendor. He offers his own fresh take in the music scene bringing together beats from multiple genres, pulling out the best parts, and placing them all in one set of cohesive songs.

His first EP, ‘Hustle & Passion’, was six tracks strong. Tune after tune was revolutionary, altering the way we think about music and its production. The mixing plays a significant role in each song, allowing for a computerized finishing touch to the digital tunes. They have been described as ground-breaking for how they bring together all manners of instruments to create something unique. The fact that he can do this and pull it off stands a testament to this former businessman’s musical ability.

Entrepreneur Turned Recording Artist

This startling music maker hails from Ottawa Ontario, a driving force for the Ottawa music scene. Attending university in his hometown where he graduated with a major in philosophy and a minor in psychology, Ceesar (Real name Nelson Silva) did this while running his own business. From entrepreneurship in retail sales to eCommerce, Ceesar turned his attention to music-making in 2019. After releasing his debut EP ‘Hustle & Passion’ in 2020 he hasn’t looked back since. 

It is this entrepreneurial background that has been a driving factor in his Career. Ceesar was interested in making music from a young age but has finally embraced his calling to pass this love onto the world. Ceesar’s melodic style has earned him compliments from multiple music industry professionals and he intends to be a trailblazer in the music industry. You can find Ceesar on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Spotify.

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