Catastrophic Drops New Single “28 Grams”


Waco, TX — Nowadays, hip-hop artists have taken everyone by storm. Everywhere one turns, they find a new hip-hop artist who has 28 of their own storylines to tell through their music. Catastrophic Dalphenî is an urban storyteller and hip-hop music artist with a story of his own, and is projected to have an impressive opening week with album sales.

What’s unique about ‘28 Grams’ is that it is one of the most special features of hip-hop. Rappers use rhythm, lyrics, and vocal tone to portray themselves through the music itself. The best rappers are renowned for their “flow” (similarity Young Jeezy) – the way the words run together, as Catastrophic can without the performer getting tongue-tied.

Speaking of best rappers, Christopher ‘Catastrophic‘ Smith grew up on the Mean Streets of East Waco, whereas a preteen he was immersed himself into a life of hustling ‘28 Grams’ of cocaine. He comes from Central Texas and is ready to take the music industry by storm. He is an urban storyteller, who talks about the daily struggles of youth through his music 28 different descriptions of songs . His music is all about struggling and hustling ‘28 Grams’, and that if one doesn’t hustle, life won’t take them anywhere. He has his own life experiences to share, and the place he is at right now, did not just come to him naturally, he worked hard for it and never gave up.

His greatest albums are ‘A Long Way From Heaven’ and ‘Written in Blood’. Catastrophic’s music gives a sense of positivity and power, making one think they could achieve anything just by a little dedication, which is also the message he imparts by his songs, hence: ‘We Not The Same’:


Catastrophic Dalpheni
Name: Catastrophic Smith
Address: 4612 Sanger Ave 119, 119, Waco, TX
Phone: 2542146805


Apple Music: Catastrophic

Spotify: Catastrophic

YouTube: Catastrophic254 

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