Carter Brown Drops New Vibe On “Your Cool”

Carter Brown is a new fire artist from Jamaica, Queens, in New York. Known as the “Futures Past,” – Carter Brown has proved to be the next big thing out of Jamaica, Queens. Serenading with his angelic voice and edgy lyrical flows, music is definitely his true calling. Over the years of his career, he has ranked over millions of streams independently across all platforms. He even covered Drake’s “Jaded” single, which streamed at 1.4 M on YouTube. Covering Drizzy singles is never a bad idea. Carter used his magical tone to create a moment that will create his own buzz.

His new latest single, “Your Cool,” is a hyper feel-good record and the summer vibe. Moreover, his records always tend to make people hype. He knows how to get the people going. Furthermore, his voice is perfect for getting any party ready to go to 10. Co-signed by Red Cafe and track masters being a producer duo for Mariah Carey and 2pac – he shows no signs of slowing down. Carter has the potential to be a star if he plays his cards right. His fans will grow in big numbers if he stays consistent. We will see what happens with the new R&B creative.

Check out his new vibe here below!

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