Capella Grey Finally Drops “Gyalis” Visual

Capella Grey is one of the unlikely heroes in the Hip-Hop scene. Furthermore, his newest track “Gyalis,” is a musical gumbo that includes a familiar sample, island themes, and Grey’s signature tone. To be honest, the song is so quirky that it is hard not to like it. In today’s music space, this is exactly what you need to catch the attention of fans.

Creating an undeniable summer hit, the song has dominated radio airwaves. He also goes crazy with YouTube views and has seen remix efforts from KraniumA Boogie, & more. Chris Brown says the track is “the hardest shit out right now.” “Gyalis” (a popular patois term to describe a player/playboy) peaked at #1 on Apple’s R&B/Soul charts as well as landing the #1 spot on Shazam’s Top 100 in the United States. Blending the slowed bassline of “Back That Azz Up” over Grey’s West Indian sing-song melody, “Gyalis” is undeniably a hit record.

In the visual, Capella showcases that he’s a modern-day vocalist who can switch from song to rap to chant in the same line. Capella’s smoothed-out flow marries his mid-tempo grooves flawlessly. Moreover, merging his Jamaican heritage, uptown New York City upbringing, and melodic church rooting. Capella Grey has created a new yet nostalgic feel that invites listeners of all generations into his world. Personifying the term “vibe responsibly,” the visual features Capella’s friends, family, and fans rallying around him and championing his success. Capella delivers riveting performance shots utilizing a vintage New York City taxi cab, an ode to his time as a Taxi driver during his earlier years. 

Check out the new visual directed by Brennan Rowe here today!

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