Canon & PoetiCS Drop ‘We Made It’

Canon enlists instrumentalist PoetiCS for their joint EP ‘We Made It“. Comprised of the duo’s Kmo Shamaal assisted collaboration “Narcoleptik” as well as “I Made It” featuring Xay Hill, the 7-track body of work also includes intro “Bricks,” “Salt,” “Wrist,” “Magic,” and “Loco.” Each track tells a story of its own. Moreover, the connection between the music duo is starting to blossom into something special. There are so many possibilities between the two. [Photo Credit: Medium Creative Agency]

Canon’s newest album is the perfect reflection of the growth that he has seen in himself as an artist. Taking the lessons from his trials and tribulations, Canon has put those experiences into this project. Moreover, he is sharing with the world what he has learned. The project does not leave much to be desired. There is more than enough on there for all of their fans. The RMG/EMPIRE recording artist is locking into his full mode. The work speaks for itself. This is the 4th quarter, and it is the best time to put out your hard-hitting work.

Listen to ‘We Made It‘ in its entirety | HERE and watch the Ronye Brown & Brandon Boone music video for “Narcoleptik” after the jump!

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