Cam Wallace Celebrates On “We Made It”

Cam Wallace is a top-notch creative. It is no secret that Motown has big plans for the talented rapper. After re-delivering his ‘6RINGS‘ EP at his new home of Motown Records (@Motown), Wallace (@CamIAm4Ever) officially christens the new deal with his first official single. Appropriately titled “We Made It,” the Triza-produced proclamation has just enough bounce to get your head bopping but equally motivational to anyone who’s on their way to promise land. The vivacious track shows Cam’s impressive versatility. His range is one of the reasons he was a shoe-in for a deal from Motown Records. The legendary label loves to connect with true artists.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Wallace states: “We made it in a complete mood. Really embracing that moment of finally arriving at your destination. Reaching the goal, whether big or small.” He is not looking to stop anytime soon. Music is something that means the world to Cam. It is clear that he knows that his fans look to him for introspective work. Cam is creating a fanbase that has no bounds.

Stream the Texas native’s celebratory track on your DSP of choice | HERE. Cam Wallace has arrived!

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