Call Me Ace drops His Latest single “No Assistance”

Call Me Ace has just released his latest single ‘No Assistance.’ Anthemic and heavily inspirational track is also the latest addition the coveted in-game NBA2k21 experience. Additionally, the song’s release is paired with music video directed by award-winning filmmakers Nanako Fukui & Yuito Kimura.

“No Assistance” is a testament to Ace knowing his worth as an artist. He details how his steady grind over the course of years has lead to the platform that he has today. Overall, Ace is no stranger to the game and is not afraid to brag about enjoying the fruits of his labor.

“I can book my own shows, and design the posters, and greet the people at the door once it’s open, and sell the product at the table when the shows done, while closing out with the venue and don’t owe nothing.”

Call Me Ace

Check out the visual for “No Assistance” below!

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