California-Born Syrian Artist, Keezy Shares His Journey through Adversities

Originally from Syria, Keezy is one of the talented artists taking over the music scene. He is an innately gifted songwriter and performer with an inspiring story of overcoming all the odds to realize his dreams. Keezy was raised in Faruzi, a poor and small village in Syria. With nothing much to be proud of, Keezy turned to music, as that’s all he had to improve those days. “I fell in love with music, our culture, and the sound of the people which changed my life.” He says

Moving to the United States allowed him to explore his musical dreams, and since then, he has never turned back. He has become one of the top talents, working with notable names such as Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy.

The music industry can be a frustrating career, and Keezy is no stranger to this trail. His biggest challenge was learning and appreciating the value of patience and resilience in the quest for success. As a result, it took him considerable time to appreciate the learning phase and wait for his turn—”I struggled to comprehend that my time will come as long as I put in the work” he explains. But as a focused and determined individual, Keezy was quick to correct his mistake, investing tons of hours in overtime to see the vision daily.

Keezy now believes that it can be so easy to give up on your dreams, especially when you constantly go through a series of highs and lows, love and hate. However, you can overcome this and many other music industry hurdles if you adopt a strong mindset. Remember, nothing comes easily, and if you think you’re working hard, you’re probably not giving your best. So work hard to determine the right strategies to get you where you want. Your current environment might slow your path, but Keezy believes nothing is significant enough to block you from realizing your dreams.

Though it can be tough to build working relationships in the industry, Keezy believes loyalty and respect go a long way. To him, a strong relationship or a bond is built off respect and loyalty, and it can help propel you towards realizing your dreams; besides, being true to yourself and those around you is sufficient to help pave your path towards success. “Know when your love is needed, not wanted having a big heart is a good thing but being able to control your emotions and reactions is a great thing not everything deserves your energy stay 10 toes down to your code as a person.” Says Keezy.

The music industry is one fast-paced sector, and Keezy is optimistic about keeping up with the wave. He wants to expand his musical brand into a notable label, working with some of the biggest musical names. His mission is to scale as an artist and collaborate with other big labels and brands. Keezy also wants to leverage the untamable musical power to showcase and steer the Syrian cultural style into fashion and music, among other industries. Keezy also aspires to inspire other young talents with his journey and help them understand that you can always transform your future into what you want it to be regardless of your present state. 

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