California Artists, Tommy Paris & 45 Reconnect For Their Splashy New Single

“Reality is often disappointing.” That quote right there, is one of the best moments of the whole Avengers saga, and exactly why Thanos is the greatest villain ever (sorry, Joker). It’s also a very accurate dissertation of life itself, and why people find solace in creativity and fantasy. For Salinas native, Tommy Paris, reality is whatever he makes it, and he creates his own realm on the next single, “No Reality”.

Produced by 45, the most surprising part of this track is how he’s transitioned his sound, and added more to his arsenal. Generally known for his industrial, mind-numbing bangers that have graced the underground, 45 proves his versatility, lacing Tommy with a perfect set of tools to cook with.

Utilizing his charm to help drive home his clever one-liners and quirky cadences, Tommy comes out on, “No Reality” and solidifies himself as an underground prospect to watch. Once he gets his visuals more consistent and on brand, watching Tommy float to the top will be one of my favorite pass-times.

Check out, “No Reality” below and get familiar with the Central California duo.

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