C-Ray sounds like Timbaland x Kanye had a Baby

There’s something truly special about a human being who could be in the biggest rooms with A-List artists – but instead invests in incredible yet untapped talent. C-Ray slowly, patiently yet thoughtfully excavates a unique sound and brand out of his recording artists. That’s why we decided to cover this creative genius, he is a light in the industry for up-and-coming talent and it’s evident the moment you hear his work with these soon to be stars. 

Classically influenced by Michael Jackson, Kanye, Whitney Houston, Timbaland, Brian McKnight, Babyface and Usher, C-Ray is fusing that classic 90s and early 2000s sound with edgy lyrics and production to make it go crazy viral in the 2022 marketplace. You feel a sense of freshness and nostalgia listening to C-Ray’s Production. It’s got our team stoked on all of his artists. 

C Ray Said: “For me it’s much more exciting building an artist from the ground up – knowing that you’re giving that artist the shot they might not have got elsewhere. Crafting an artists sound is like helping an artist uncover their identity. If I can have a hand and them having a powerful and impactful lyrical message, accompanied by a sound that is fresh and wavy, that’s the best route for me having a real stamp on this game. And man do I love what I do”. 

C-Ray is the President for the highly acclaimed “OnKey” Entertainment. He works alongside the Founder of Indasoul Entertainment, Marc. E Williams. Together – they both have a track record for taking artists from little industry experience – to 1 – making hits, 2 – filming crazy music videos and 3 – implementing wildly successful marketing rollouts. It’s truly a special process to witness. 

One thing that makes C-Ray uniquely effective is that he was an artist himself. A lead singer for a rap group called “Coalition” – so he’s performed in front of crowds of over 15,000 people. This distinct insight into what it’s like to be an artist allows C-Ray to effectively groom his talent in a way that’s beyond what than any other producer in the game. 

Check out C-Ray’s IG below where he posts his recent work, production process and personal vibes: 


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