BVNK, Denver’s Very Own Returns With ‘BVNK Season’

Rising out of Denver is none other than diverse and multi-talented rapper, BVNK [pronounced BANK]. Not letting up, he keeps his foot on the industry’s neck as he drops his second project of 2021. His latest release titled BVNK Season, serves as his fifth project in a span of two years. Following up on his highly acclaimed Emo Season N Tough Times project from earlier this year. 

He continues to captivate audiences across the world with his compelling combination of hip-hop, trap, and R&B. His infectious rap-singing flow, vivid storytelling, and innovative wordplay really craft this project together. Driven by his honest and relatable lyrics. 

It’s Unapologetically BVNK Season

From the unapologetic opening track “My Life,” which sees BVNK taking control of his life, to the catchy “Know Me,” where BVNK is pleading for love and acceptance. Next, the life-affirming and uplifting “Oh U,” to the spiritually grounded Blessings,” about gratitude that flows perfectly into the short and sweet closing track “Float II.”

BVNK, who was born in Nigeria and raised in the United Kingdom, puts his melting pot of cultures and experiences together on his new EP. In fact, according to BVNK, the 8-track project is all about self-love: 

Inspired By Self Love

I made this record as therapy for healing, as a method to rebuild my self-confidence and find joy in myself. It’s for everyone that has been living their life for other people and feeling heavy laden, this is to rid ourselves of that kind of negativity.”

Hopefully this beautiful message connects and resonates with all listeners. When speaking about his inspiration behind BVNK Season and how the project came together, BVNK goes on to say… 

We’ve all doubted ourselves; we’ve all been down and wondered what our life is all about but creating ‘BVNK Season’ helped me get out of that negative space, and I hope it can help listeners lift themselves up and be the light they need. Through this project, I discovered that if you find self-confidence, you truly find yourself. All these songs are so real and personal to me, from me documenting the emotional state of being lonely to finding self-love and value in myself. I really hope people can relate to this record. Feel free, replace BVNK in the title with your name, rid yourself of negativity and be renewed”.

Bank On BVNK

As a musical product of his environment, his music is a mash-up of melodic rap/sung, hard-hitting hip-hop, and smooth R&B, flavored with indie music tastes. While his storytelling and penned rhymes are influenced by his life-long experiences that have spanned throughout three continents.

These experiences have led him to question his own ideas and cultural standards, as evidenced by his music. His ultimate purpose is to inspire people with his music without any limitations. He believes that his experiences are similar to those of his listeners, because, as BVNK always says, “music is the language we all understand.” Here at KAZI Magazine, we couldn’t agree more! For now, give his latest EP, BVNK Season below and let us know what you think!


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