Buggzy Hoffa Is A Triple Threat Trailblazing The Industry

Brandon Wilson, best known by Buggzy Hoffa now, is hitting the hip-hop scene hard! In fact, the Brooklyn-bred actor turned rhymer had established himself as an emerging emcee in the music industry. Hoffa is no stranger to the world of entertainment as a creative. He has had the advantage of being in the industry for over twenty-four years because he comes from a family of entertainers. 

The Braggadocious Beginnings Of Buggzy Hoffa

His ability to win at anything he attempts was not foreseen from a young age. With that being said, no past can stop what is to come in the future when you are destined for greatness and manifest it with your mindset and passion. Hoffa possesses all of the characteristics of a leader, which have shone through as time passed.

Additionally, before pursuing his passion for music, Buggzy began his career as an actor. With his father working as a stage manager on one of the most popular television shows, The Cosby Show, Hoffa got a job as an extra when he was six years old. He was drawn to the entertainment industry and learned everything he could about it. His brothers, Rameses Wilson aka ‘Trill Cosby’ and Charlie Wilson, had deep connections in the music industry as well. As a result, Hoffa took advantage of every advantage available to him. Although he continued his career in the film industry — music quickly took precedence in his life.

The Multifaceted Artist and His Artistry

Hoffa’s industry experience is extensive, with successful businesses in Real Estate, Waste Disposal, Cryptocurrency, Stock Trading, and Personal Management. In 2010, he owned the award-winning speakeasy Dutch Kills Bar, and in 2012, he opened the PKNY Tiki Bar in New York City. Then in 2018, he went on to become a published writer for the #1 Stand Alone comic book Gekido vs. Code Name: Justice vs. Ravedactyl, which featured Ice T’s wife, Coco. After appearing in the Friday 13th Vengeance film, he later received a character in the Official Friday the 13th Video Game. 

Staying booked and busy, Buggzy Hoffa went on to form his group, ‘Black Diamond Mafia,’ later that year in 2019. The Brooklyn-based group was made up of Buggzy Hoffa, The Rockstar Jai-ho The Golden Child, Boastful Trill Cosby, Charismatic 2CaNn, and The Wavy Mr Tony Blu. Their sound spread like wildfire after the release of their debut drop “Superfly” in September 2019. Following their successful debut, the group went on to release their raved record “Fire Hose,” which has since surpassed 1 million views on YouTube. In addition to charting in the Top 50 iTunes Hip Hop Singles, and reached the Digital Radio Tracker Top 10.

Music That Moves The Masses

As a result of their catchy cadences climbing the charts, the success of their singles brought them worldwide recognition. Especially peaking the attention of Eric B Music Group of Sony Orchard, who signed them in September 2020. After the announcement of their new deal, they released their sizzling single, “Head Bussa”, which peaked at number 27 on the Top 50 Hip Hop R&B Spins in October 2020.

This multifaceted entertainer, entrepreneur, and emcee isn’t one to slack off when it comes to success. In November, he released his first solo single, “Pray On”. The song speaks on the current state of the world and everything that has occurred, expressing raw emotions through the fluid track with Hoffa laying lyrics and flows bar after bar. Keeping his mic wrapped around the industry’s neck, Buggzy brings fan favorite, “My Love” featuring TriSzy and TheNeighborsKnow followed up by more heat. The Afrobeats inspired record, ushers in a new found era for Buggzy. His first installment of 2023, serves as his latest offering, F.H.A.” featuring LouGotCash. Bringing back to back bangers, Buggzy Hoffa doesn’t show any signs of letting up anytime soon. 

Get Familiar With Buggzy Hoffa

Hoffa’s desire for creative freedom has inspired him to strive for freedom in everything he does. He has a lot more in store for his fans! It promises to be just as, if not hotter, than anything else you’ve heard so far. Don’t believe me? Press play on his sizzling solo single, “My Love” featuring TriSzy and TheNeighborsKnow . Get familiar with this trailblazing talent and be sure to lock him in on your preferred DSP. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine. But first, take a look at our dope interview with the entertainment powerhouse Buggzy Hoffa! We talk about everything from the music, films, and more! 

The Interview

  • Hey Buggzy! Thank you so much for speaking with me today on behalf of KAZI Magazine! Let’s jump right in — For fans who may or may not be familiar, could you bring us back to the beginning of who Buggzy is and where it all began? 

“Oh, wow. From the beginning. You know, I’m a recording artist and actor. I started when I was in high school, and have worked with a lot of different labels where I did work as a ghost writer. Now, I’m a solo artist and I have my imprint of Black Diamond mafia. I’ve been featured in various acting roles. I’m part of the Friday the 13th franchise as well as the video game. I’ve also created my own comic book. But, I have a new single out called “My Love”, which I’m really excited about. It’s an Afrobeat song. So, we’re working on an Afro beats EP at the moment”.

  • Your artistry and creativity is unmatched as an accredited actor and raved rhymer. Having shined and showcased your talents on the big screen as well, can you tell us more about some of the shows/movies that you did? 

“Absolutely. Well, I’m in the Friday The 13th video games, as myself. So that’s on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox — those three major consoles. It’s there. So I’m actually the most used person online, apparently. So that’s pretty cool. Yeah, and it was good meeting a lot of the people that really made the Friday the 13th franchise. You know, the special effects artists and things of that sort. etc. So that was that was great. I’m also in a few fan films for Friday 13th Vengeance. Im also in the new one that I just got casted for called ‘The multiverse of Jason’. His name is Jason. So I’m sprinkled throughout the franchise a lot of the alumni are in these films. So that’s a pretty great walk there”. 

The Pursuit Of Musical Happiness

  • When was the moment you realized that you wanted to pursue your passions in both acting and rapping? 

“Well, I’ve always been a writer. I’ve made a lot of screenplays and I do a lot of writing of short stories for other people. So that was a natural thing. Beforehand, I was an actual artist, which I did a lot of drawing and painting but then I lost some art books, so I kind of gave that up. And in high school I started a label called 151. And since my father was into music, it just came naturally. But back then I wasn’t that good. Acting was another natural thing. It’s become like a side job. Everybody keeps on saying “yo you should act more, act more”. So I kind of listened to it and it comes natural as well”. 

  • Also, what do you feel is a necessity when balancing your career as an artist and actor? 

“A necessity is keeping parts to yourself because as an artist you’re always on output mode. You want to give a lot of yourself usually to your audience and cater to you know your different zones, right? So you can easily drain yourself and lose yourself in that. So you have to keep a certain pocket of personal to yourself because if not, people won’t be able to separate the artists you and the real you. A lot of people make that mistake where they want to be the artists all time. And as that you’re an entertainer so you have to have your personal time like you know what, I’m not in the mood to entertain right now — this is me. So you have to have a separation of that.

  • With that being said, how would you tell aspiring artists and creatives how to navigate that natural niche? 

“You know, it’s kind of the same way you kind of code with friends. You know, sometimes you might be more friendly with different type of friends, then you have certain sections of friends and you know at work you have the code switch. You have the code switch for yourself. So I think we all have it in us to do that. But it’s recognizing what are your boundaries as an artist. You don’t want to give too much of your personal and then you become something that you’re not in real life. It’s overbearing. It’s key to have that part of yourself part 100%.” 

The Creativity

  • When it comes to the music — What’s your creative process like? Do you pen your music or punch in and out?

“Yeah, my creative process is actually really simple. Usually when I get some tracks to production, a lot of times I come up with a lot of my songs in the shower. Yeah, it’s very strange lol. I don’t know. It’s also between that or like three, four o’clock in the morning. Those are my most creative times. Then throughout the day, I just write notes in my phone, like little bars here and there and concepts. I ride my motorcycle too. So when I’m out riding, I get a lot of concepts. I just pull over and just start you know, start writing on the spot”. 

  • Being Brooklyn-bred, how would you say the musical hub has influenced your musical sound and style? 

“Definitely. I definitely favor Brooklyn, the old older 90s 2000s Brooklyn sound. For Sure. I like the classic boom, Pap, in comparison to the sounds now. That’s for sure. So I’m definitely an older school Brooklynite when it comes to sound wise in production choices.” 

The Return Of Buggzy Hoffa

  • You recently returned from a short hiatus, how would you say that time away assisted with your artistry?

“Oh, that short hiatus wasn’t a fun one. That might have almost crippled me for a little while. Because I was actually in a small depression because things didn’t go the way they were supposed to. You know, in this entertainment industry, you know, you’re not always going to win the exact way you think you’re going to win. It’s gonna be a lot of pitfalls. But what I did was I did change my sound completely after the hiatus, and I found a new direction. And that’s for sure. That’s why I kind of got into some AfroBeats and played with different sounds, getting completely out of my comfort zone.”

  • Do you feel it’s always good for artists to take a step back sometimes for a better comeback and to recharge? If so, how important is it to you? 

“Yes, no question”. 

  • Now let’s jump into your latest offering “My Love”. Definitely a vibe! Can you tell us more about the influences backing the new Afro beats-inspired sound?

“Well, you know, just I like, production that sounds alive. You know, it’s a different type of percussion. It brings back a lot of good jazz feel to certain things. And it’s easier to write to believe it or not, it just flows from me naturally. And you know, sometimes I wanted to go into more positive aspects in the music instead of more of a negative. So with songs like people dance and feel good, it kind of really inspired me to go into that route. It made me to think smarter, especially with my lyrics”. 

  • With that being said, what are your thoughts of the current state of music? 

“I think it’s wonderful. I think it’s a good time to really pay respects. Especially to a lot of Afrobeat artists. Because they’re doing it and doing it well. They’re the life of the party right now”. 

  • With your return to music, can we be on the lookout for any forthcoming features?

“Yes! I have a dope feature out right now with LouGotCash called “F.H.A” that’s out now. That’s more Trap. It’s a little older and happy I finally got to release that joint I got with Lou shoutout to him for sure!” 

What’s Next?

  • Eager and excited to hear more about all things Buggzy Hoffa — what’s next for you in 2023? 

“Okay. In terms of music, I am working with an Afrobeat artist, his name is Rose Trillz. We are working on an EP at the moment, so look out for that. I’m going to be dropping things for that project very, very, very soon. Also, the music is coming from Nigeria so the sounds are very fresh!

As for acting, I have the Multiverse of Jason that I just got casted for. As well as a film called Clairvoyance in Brooklyn.”

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

“Never give up no matter what the circumstances are. It sounds cliche, but you take it like boxing, you’re not down for the count. Just for the moment you get back up”. 


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