Brent Faiyaz Releases New Single ‘Rehab (Winter in Paris)’

Courtesy of Jack Bridgland

There are times in people’s lives where they meet someone that they want to shake but can’t seem to do so. It’s like that person has them in a trance. They can’t leave them alone no matter how much they want to. In this case, that seems to be what Brent Faiyaz is dealing with. Following up his last release “F*ck the World (Summer in London),” Brent Faiyaz returns with “Rehab (Winter in Paris).”

The track opens with the sound of the guitar strumming in a melodic harmony then turning the focus strictly to the bass guitar and the sound of fingers snapping. Brent smoothly slides onto the instrumentation to express how no matter how many women he has around him, he can’t seem to stop thinking about a specific one. However, it seems like the woman of his dreams is messing with drugs and it’s put Brent in a hard spot. Though she exhausts him, he keeps going back for more. You could say that the woman is Brent Faiyaz’ drug and he’s trying to breakthrough.

The sound of the song stays consistent and Brent’s flow matches well. It’s simple and straight to the point. Listen to “Rehab (Winter in Paris)” above.

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