breez Should be Your Favorite Tri-State Gem, Here’s Why

Life’s a “Breez” if you’re as good as this rapper

Breez presents fans of new music an interesting case. A heavy set artist with a lightweight skill in terms of procuring hitting hip hop music. Having natural grace from his sports background gives him a advantage is crafting cunning stories with great world-play. Also he is a new father and got Jim Jones on a remix for his track “Money Mitch” which bodes well for his rising future.

Early in his career, Breez’s talent placed him on Interstate 290 in MA where he would open up for acts like the Migos and Nick Minaj. He’s widely recognized as a name from the Tri-state to keep tabs on.

However It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Breez. As he informed me via a zoom call, he had to grow in manhood as most men do. Just because he is blessed with a culminating celebrity status doesn’t make him inept of challenges. Matter in fact he used his past mistakes as fuel and content for his music.

In high school he was one of the top Tri-State offensive line prospects in the nation, Breez was blessed with superhuman skill. Unfortunately he lack academic disciple and ended up at JUCO before going D1. Things only got worse before it gets better and he ended up with losing his scholarship for dealing drugs.

For most people that would’ve been possibly the end but for Breez it only woke him up and makes him appreciate his current calling of music even more.

At that moment I realized I had to fully grow up and grow into my own. As much as I loved sports, I wasn’t disciplined enough mentally to keep that going; and now that I’m getting established in music, I want to keep my momentum going so I’m locked into studio. Like how I trained during my football days I’m locked into the studio. It’s my life and I’m excited to keep it going!


Adept at overcoming adversity like his inspirations Jay Z, The Lox, and 50 cent, Breez implores dedication along with talent to create a long lasting legacy. He encourages the youth to purse their dreams and engage in less senseless actives; such as frivolous drug use and street banter due to his previous setbacks. Breez doesn’t want the youth to repeat his mistakes and this makes him in the mold of a Urban OG/CEP.

To put it simply, Breez is a gem and should be on your radar going forward.

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