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BRANDON KAI, a rising Florida rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, spent most of last year in what he called a “creative hiatus”. As a result he stayed away from the spotlight. To focus on refining his sound as he went through personal growth. He used the down time to lean more into his creative process.

As fans are eager for the multitalented to return — he’s back! Before summer comes to a rapid end, he makes his comeback with a brand new offering titled “ON ME”. This brand new head-bopping record showcases Brandon’s new organic sound that was established during his temporary lockdown. 

After almost a year, the new trendy track serves as the lead track off his highly anticipated sophomore EP. According to the Tampa native, “it has this energy and drive to really get you moving”.


His infectious rap record is laid over hard-hitting drums, lush synths, and an enticing bassline. It is driven by his quickfire flow, flawless vocals, and confident lyricism. “On Me” sees Brandon Kai in glorious form, from start to finish. He addresses girl trouble, detractors, new friends and focusing on getting to the bag. 

According to the Tampa native when reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, he goes on to say: 

 “The past year helped me grow as an artist in ways that would not happen otherwise. The experience, lessons and maturation are on full display in the music I’m creating now, with ‘On Me’ being one of the first”.


21-year rising rhymer Brandon Kai – real name Brandon Raymond Trujillo – bursted onto the scene in 2018 with his acclaimed debut EP, ‘In The Making’ at just 18-years old. Additionally, with his previously released record “Fxck A Day Off,” he was added to VEVO’s “Artists To Watch” playlist the following year. Since, partnership agreements with Symphonic and Sync Music Publisher Audio have been inked.

However, in the face of the pandemic, Brandon Kai utilized the down time to “step away and really take time with myself”. Because of this, the Florida rapper and producer dropped off “On Me” to fans as an exciting first taste of what’s to come. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more! First, be sure to check out the latest with the rising artist as we had the pleasure of sitting down with Brandon Kai. TAKE A LOOK BELOW!


  • Hey Brandon Kai! Thank you so much for taking the time out to chop it up with myself and KAZI Magazine. Before we jump into specific questions about your forthcoming sophomore project, your recently released single “On Me”, and more — why don’t you give fans some details about you and your story. Let’s bring it back to the beginning, at what age did you begin creating & in which mediums? 

I started off as a songwriter at the age of fourteen. Just rapping and singing over hip-hop production. At that time I had the chance to be apart of The Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project. After spending the summer of 2014 recording music for the first time and collaborating with other artists, I pushed myself to become a producer as well. I figured that it would allow me to expand my talent and creativity. After finding a solid team I started to push out my music on all streaming services at the age of fifteen.”

  • You’ve been on the scene for a minute now. Please tell us about the first song you ever made. What was that experience like?

The first song I ever created was actually through the Grammy project I was apart of. The experience really made me feel like music is exactly what I should be doing with my life. Just being in that studio atmosphere made me tap in to my potential at a early age. I remember being hyped after hearing the first couple of recording takes I did. Definitely something I’ll always remember.”


  • I’m not from Florida but I’m currently out of Tampa, and I personally love the arts and music scene that the Bay Area produces. As a Tampa native yourself, what’s one thing you feel Tampa is underrated for?

As a Tampa native, the city itself has a lot of culture, and diversity to it. Being from the 813 is definitely something I’m proud of. I would say the most underrated thing about Tampa would have to be the food. Especially since I’m Latino. They have amazing Latin food here. A lot of family owned businesses that started from food trucks to big successful restaurants.”

  • What sets you apart from other artists coming out of Tampa Bay? 

I feel like my music is so diverse and kind of unexpected when it comes to releases, in a sense that I don’t always release music under the same genre. As a producer and recording artist that gives me a benefit to shape my sound to something more unique which gives it more flavor.”

  • Through your music you speak on your life experiences, in what ways have your surroundings shaped your creativity?

Through relationships with a loved one, friends, family, and life events that take place in my life whether it be good, bad or ugly. Vulnerability is vital for songwriters.”


  • Agreed! Your new single “On Me” serves as the lead single to your forthcoming EP and I love the record! What made you decide to choose that record to be the single to use as a sneak peak into your upcoming project? 

“I feel that the record gives you a intro into what’s to come. Especially through the production. It has that energy through the synths and drums that gives a glimpse into what you might hear in the future.”

  • Where did you find your artistic inspiration for your upcoming project? 

As I was creating a bunch of records with no intention of releasing them yet, a spark of ideas started flowing as I was capturing the sound I’ve been wanting to capitalize on for a while. A lot of maturity and growth is what I’ll be revealing for-sure on my upcoming project.”

  • Dope! Love to hear it. How long did it take to curate your highly anticipated EP?

The EP is still in the works. I would say  it’s in the post production process and I’ve just been creating until I feel deep down that it’s time. But to get the main elements for the project curated, I would say a couple months. I started recording heavily in March to build a bigger catalogue.”

  • What are some of your personal favorite tracks or lyrical highlights off your new project?

All I do is smoke, write, hit record, and just like Wheezy I be outta here.” Wheezy is one of my favorite record producers in the game at the moment. There’s so many more that I enjoy as well but that line is something I enjoyed coming up with.”


  • Next, how does this project differ from your last project, In The Making

So much improvement sonically, lyrically, and just a body of work as a whole. You’ll definitely notice the maturity and tone difference as well. I feel like I have a lot to speak for. “In the making” was just me getting started and released back in 2018. Three years will definitely show.”

  • As we continue to live through the pandemic, how would you describe what it’s like as a creative during quarantine. Is it beneficial or difficult? 

Quarantine made me lock in even more. I got the studio at the crib so it just made me create a schedule where I was basically recording every day and night. Sometimes sleeping through the day and recording at night after pulling all nighters.”


  • As we are eager for the drop off of your sophomore album, do you have a set date or time you’re looking to release? 

Definitely aiming for the fourth quarter of this year to have it out on all streaming services.”

  • Furthermore, what do you hope to accomplish this year with your music?

I hope to build my brand as an artist, my clothing line and future record label After Mdnt through shows, and a hell of an outcome from this next project of mine. I so far have spoken everything into existence so I know the next level of success is coming soon.”

  • Lastly, thank you so much for your time! As we close out our interview, what’s next for Brandon Kai? 

“The next thing for Brandon Kai is a lot of consistency. I wanna keep building that momentum and never keep the ball from rolling. I’ve been patient for at least a year now cooking up new music. Now it’s time to run it up!”

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