Brand New: Makk Melly “Nonchalant” Visuals

As we all may know the Bronx is the birthplace of Hip Hop. Up and coming artist, Makk Melly has been creating a name for himself as he showcases hislyrical talent. He recently released the new single, “Nonchalant.” We briefly spoke to him about his journey, creative process and goals. 

“My music is most definitely reflective of my environment. I experienced a lot of heart break very young a lot of bad relationships with females bad friendships etc. I lost my mother six and a half years ago due to lung cancer and recently lost my father August 28th, 2018 he was killed on a highway in Texas murder still unsolved. I listen to so much music and absorb some many different styles from the ninety’s until now I kind of have a mixture of east coast trap and down south because I lived in Fort Worth Texas for seven years, I been back in forth from the Bronx to Texas since I was nine. So if I had to classify my style I’m me and to be honest I never make the same kind of music none of my songs sound the same, I don’t like being repetitive.” 

It is important for artists to experiment with different cadences, flows and sounds to find you own “sound.” A sound that’s genuinely your own that your audience also resonates with.

“It is definately very important to experiement and learn as much as possible. That is one of the biggest parts of being a artist your “sound” and style is what makes you stand out. Too many of these niggas bite off each other its hard to tell’em apart these days. I play around with my flows all the time I ride the beat, I let the beat speak to me thats how I write.” Explain how did the direction of the visual get decided and are you very hands on with all aspects of your craft ( songs visuals etc).“I hit up my homie Jiggy Flix from Queens met him thru my uncle who actually is the reason I rap. He’s a artist as well we the same age but me and Jig became friends he shot another video I and ended up scraping. I told him the idea I had for Nonchalant and he we both instantly knew what we wanted the visual to look like its a libra thing. I’m very hands on with everything I do, I’m my best and worst critic I like everything I touch musically to be perfect. I see myself hitting that Hot 97 festival stage being one of the hottest break out artist from the Bronx this year i also see myself becoming one of XXL freshmen.”

“We ain’t fucking with the Hennessy nomore” stated in the lyrics.

“I had plenty of wild nights off the Henny especially in the city you know that brown water make you leave everything up to the lord once it hit your system, plus i figure if Hov ever heard the verse he might give me that Dussé sponsorship nah mean lol.” 

As Makk Melly, continues to excel in his career, he is not afraid to push the envelope and express himself. He uses music as a tool to connect with people and inspire them as well. Although this is just the beginning “Nonchalant” set the tone of for his future projects. Watch it here!

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