Boss Ko Is Educating Through His Tunes

Boss Ko is always looking to teach through his music. Most modern rap verses come with a level of bragging about money, but Boss Ko took this idea and flipped it on its head. By making money through smart investments and investments in cryptocurrency, Boss Ko takes to his music to show off how this new era of money can be made but not just talking about cash, talking about the crypto coins that are bringing in the cash.

In this modern-day, money can be made from anywhere. Tying into music, most artists are chasing the same ways that older artists were getting their money, but today, there are new ways of growing your wealth that were not around in previous generations of music. Boss Ko is showing how his money builds and grows during this current bull run of investments. 

Releases and titles such as “Big Pinger,” “Blank Check,” and “Hurry Up And Buy” all cover topics of the new age of money while still bringing a huge level of amazing vocals and production that Boss Ko always brings. His beat selection, Chicago roots, and drive to continue to make the best music for not only himself but for his fans are what sets him, his verses, and his music as a whole, apart from many.

You can keep up with Ko on his Instagram here, check out his releases on SoundCloud here, as well as his Apple Music page here.

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