Boregard. Flexes his Team with Trustfall2

Wikipedia defines a trust fall as “a team-building exercise in which a person deliberately falls; trusting the members of a group to catch them”. As a Boregard listener, I can only imagine this exemplifies his collaboration process.

For this particular record, Bo calls on the likes of Jelani Imani, DavidTheTragic, Tom The Mail Man, and BBY KODIE for vocals. Then he’s obviously got production from Ethan Lamb, plus Will Hendrixs, ShySlash, Tbox, Saint Nick, and Jelani again. With such a sure-handed lineup, there’s no way Boregard. was falling to the floor here.

Bo’s greatest strength lies in his rapid-fire wordplay. He doesn’t like to waste syllables, and he brings us into semi-comedic situations that we only digest two bars later. Thus, you’ll end up running back your favorites often. You’ll discover a new joke or rhyme scheme the second, third, fourth, and fifth times around.

"I can't even send no tracks to my therapist/
n**** can't help it, caught her ass leaking it"

That’s not to say that your first run through this Boregard. project will be boring in any regard. The aforementioned heavy lyricism finds its way onto tracks like “Method”, “Gluttony”, and “Vintage Garments”. However, Bo keeps you on your toes like ballet by mixing in some melodic autotune on “Long Days,” “Without Me” and “Scared of the Dark.”

Not only has Boregard tapped into his lyrical miracle bag as of late; but he’s also figured out how to contort his ultra distinctive voice into addictive popcorn-like flows. Trustfall2 reminds us who Bo rolls with and what he’s been up to this year. Mark my words: a potential third installment in his Trustfall series down the road will feature your favorite rapper.

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