Black Lion Society, Nick Speed, and Seven the General Drop ‘Top Tens” Visual

Thank goodness, Black Lion Society finally released the “Top Tens (Remix)” visual. This record hit the city exactly when Detroit needed a summer anthem. The words in the verses embody the neighborhood. “Top Tens (Remix)” is to Detroit what Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind is to New York. “Top Tens (Remix)” speaks of what it is to be a real Detroiter, highlighting what only people raised in the city are aware of. Black Lion Society recruited Nick Speed and Seven, the General for the single–both young music legends in the Motor City. The video was shot by Reggie B, who kept it simple but authentic and Rich Hustle masterfully produced the single.

I have been to Detroit a couple of times and I can confidently say the “Top Tens (Remix)” video is a perfect introduction for anyone who has not visited before. Now, Dillatown is unique, has the midwest feel of a city like Chicago but the swag that has a strong west coast feel. Whenever riding through Detroit you are sure to see some Cartier frames, beautiful women, and stand-up fellas. The city supports each other like no other.

To do a video like this, you have to have immense respect in the city. The Black Lion Society does not lack in this area. Furthermore, when you add artist like Seven The General and Nick Speed, you stack the team more than that basketball team that plays in Golden State. The strong production from Rich Hustle provides the perfect canvas for the artist to paint a picture of their city. Although the song has a heavy city influence, anyone can appreciate the lyrical excellence. The song is such a vibe, there is no way someone can hate.

Peep the Black Lion Society in their new Motor City inspired video for “Top Tens (Remix)”.

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