Bjay WatchDatBaby Drops “Patience” Visual

Lousiana rapper Bjay WatchDatBaby (@OfficialBjay) is fearless when it comes to music. His work in the south has been seen for years at this point. From strong singles to club performances, the Louisana rapper has been on a wave for years. Of course, most people think of the Big Easy when it comes to Louisiana, but there’s a rapper/ Entrepreneur by the name of Bjay WatchDatBaby (Byron Landingham Jr.) from Baton Rouge. Born on June 24, 1992, the multi-talent fell in love with rap at the age of 13. He took his time before making it a real thing, officially releasing music at 21. Music has always been his passion. In Lousiana, it is not easy to make it out. Bjay looks to use his versatility to his advantage.

Bjay WatchDatBaby has built an empire & made a mark in the entertainment market, promoting the hottest nightclubs to making the hottest club songs. The Best of both worlds, but don’t for a second think the paper chase detracts from the bars. His biggest hit, “Turn Up,” blew up down south. Now, the vision is toward the future. With continued growth, more money, Bjay is a force to be reckoned with. His new music is sounding better than ever. His fans are looking forward to things opening up more to go out to see him. Bjay’s music resonates with anyone who is hustling to make a dollar. All the rappers in Baton Rogue know that Bjay WatchDatBaby is no slouch.

Check out his fiery new visual below!

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