Billy Bands Earns His Name with “Chase”

At 25 years old and hailing from the Fordham Rd/Tremont area of the Bronx, New York, Billy Bands presents the visual for his new single “Chase”. Directed by Newpher Films, Billy educates the kiddies on how to run it up. Cap Dinero produced the perfect soundscape for such an occasion and it gets even more compelling once splashed with the seemingly effortless strategic placement of syllables by our guy, Bands.

“Honestly, I can’t say I had any particular inspiration for this song. I heard the beat and was immediately ready to go into the booth. It prolly took me a total of 12-15 minutes to have the entire track laid. Right now, all im thinkin’ about is runnin’ it up. I lost a lot of time going back and forth to jail on some dumb shit.” 

– Billy Bands

Despite a tumultuous history with the law, Billy vows to be with us for a while and plans to release the visual for his rendition of ‘Whoopty’ before the end of the year. And in the spirit of keeping busy, he’s planning to release the Everything Healthy EP and another project in form of a mixtape entitled, The Band Man, which will have some nostalgia for all the beat lovers out there.

Until then, you can jam this:

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