Big Vonno Sets His Sights High With “Kd Flow”

Big Vonno is not your average rapper. These days, it’s hard to find pure unadulterated authenticity in the music scene. Yet rising rap phenomenon Big Vonno authenticity in spades. He is a rapper who never fails to keep it one hundred. Refreshingly, telling genuine stories from his real-life experiences bearing it all for the whole world to see and hear.

The budding rap artist was only attending Eastern Kentucky University when he found his passion. Yet, now he is on his way toward becoming a rising star in the rap industry. His tracks have a powerful dynamism that makes them flow beautifully throughout. Some of his most renowned tracks are “The One and Only,” “Hood Jumpin,” and “Kd Flow”. Moreover, all of those are high-quality tracks that are awesome.

Today, Big Vonno is devoted to getting better at his craft and reaching out to his audience with his best work. There are no limits to learning, so Vonno makes sure he maintains the learning curve and keeps practicing his learnings. With his efforts, he is willing to commercialize and melodize his music. This will take it to a better place in terms of its reach and the songs’ quality.

Check it out today!

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