Big Sean’s “Single Again” Video Is An Ode to the Role of Social Media & Relationships

Big Sean‘s musical hiatus has ended with the release of new songs, “Overtime” and “Single Again”, in which the latter of the two has an accompanying video. The “Single Again” visual— starring real-life power couple Ryan Destiny (Fox’s STAR) and Keith Powers (BET’s The New Edition Story) chronicles a modern-day break-up revolving around social media scrutiny. In the six-minute video, we see that Big Sean has fell victim to cheating allegations. Unfortunately, cheating scandals are common barriers between artists and their supporters. The aftermath is usually quite predictable.

However, Sean flipped the script giving this age-old concept a fresh perspective. Half of Detroit sides with Sean in his innocence, meanwhile the other half ran with social media hearsay deeming him guilty without a fair trial.

This difference of opinion leads to a shift in relationship dynamics between Destiny and Powers. The video also stars Haha Davis. Check it out below.

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