Big Scarr: Memphis’ Street Solider

Big Scarr is the type of artist who more artists should take after. Instead of running from his past, he embraces it. Scarr’s transparency is genuine from multiple times surviving gunshots and embracing his father as a role model.

The trenches of Magnolia neighborhood of South Memphis battle-tested him, and he made it out strong. Today he’s enjoying life and coming off a successful debut album release of ‘Big Grim Reaper.’ Viral videos such as the SoIcyBoyz series and “Make A Play” expectations are at an all-time high for Scarr.

Add in his fast-growing fan base and quality trap music; the Memphis star is making waves worldwide. With the success of label mates Pooh Shiesty (his cousin), and Foogiano, Scarr is next to get his voice heard. While he might not be as vocal as those two are, he accepts himself for who he is his way.

“I’m just myself; I’m a product of the environment I’m from,” he said. “From the times I got shot to being reckless in my youth, my music is a reflection of that. I hope to inspire the youth to do good.”

My father my dawg. He took care of all of my siblings and I while still teaching me the game. His a real G and I will stand on that hill forever.

Big Scarr on the love he has for his father.

Scarr credits a lot of his success to his father and Gucci Mane, his boss.

“I love my father mane, from street sht to everyday life sht, he always put me on the game,” he said. “From the guidance and gave he gave to me as a youth pushed me to want to be the best I can be. Gucci helped keep Pooh and me out of some Memphis sh*t, so I appreciate him being there. Bumping his music with my mom as a kid to being signed to him is amazing. Without him, none of this would’ve happened. In our communities, we, as black men, need to guide our boys into men. One day I hope to do that.”

Big Scarr exudes a rare level of vulnerability which makes you appreciate his music so much more. His scars are constantly referenced in his music. His scars serve as a reminder of the slums he came from.
He changed his life, but his past is his past. Instead of not accepting it, he made it the point of his music and its genius. Nothing is an act or a PR stunt with the Memphis emcee, making his music hit the heart a bit harder.

Speaking to him and hearing his story from the man himself makes it easy for me to see why he is winning. Scarr is trending upwards while being true to himself. The trenches he came from didn’t scare him, but he made it his story, and it’s beautiful.

‘Big Grim Reaper’ is a solid debut that showcases his story and the artist’s potential. A transparent trap powerhouse like Gucci Mane himself. Scarr intends to drop more videos soon, but in the meantime, his latest release is two thumbs up from me!

Photo Credit: Kaylah Calvert

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