Big Sailor Baby is Miami’s next biggest artist

Big Sailor Baby is on a roll. The 25 year old artist based out of Miami Florida has begun to attract attention to his unique mix of old and modern rap. 

Big Sailor Baby always had music apart of his life. His father was and still is a musician. Even his brothers played instruments so music was always around him. Early on this led to his consistent involvement in music and eventually, him pursuing music in his sophomore year. While he began not anticipating many results Big Sailor Baby grew his personal connection with music over the years and began to put more time and effort into it as well. Now at age 25, while he hasn’t seen the recognition he deserves yet, he has begun to build himself up as an artist and develop a sound like no other in the industry. 

Growing up Big Baby Sailor told us some of his inspirations consisted of Drake and Russ. Sailor tells us that he really could “relate to their music” and that others could as well. This taught him the importance of providing a relatable storyline in his songs, which he practices now. Nowadays listeners don’t want just a song that sounds fire but a song that also has a true and relatable message. Music has evolved and nowadays the feeling provided is what matters the most. Sailor states that he “strives to create music” that he knows “others can sympathize with”. 

While he has only just begun his upward trajectory as an artist Big Sailor Baby has plans. In the next 5 years we can expect him to work had to be an extremely established artist. Among his priorities Sailor states he wants his parents to be taken care of first, emphasizing his parents assistance from the start of his career. Next Sailor anticipates 1 billboard hit with over 1,000,000 streams. While at the moment Big Sailor Baby has 50,000+ streams on platforms, this number continues to grow and we can expect Sailor to have over 1,000,000 monthly listeners. You can check out Big Baby Sailor’s recent release “Far Gone”. This is only the start for the young artist and step by step, he is proving to hold a promising future. 

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