Benji Baby Releases EP, Vibes on Vibes!

Upcoming Bronx artist Benji Baby, releases his new project, Vibes on Vibes. The title alone speaks for itself. Benji let us know the motive behind this tape and what inspires him to be creative and make music. 

“I went to the studio every weekend for a couple hours in the early morning around 1am, 3am etc. Usually I would either have the beat ready with everything written or I’ll have something written and go through beats in the studio. Depending on the vibes that determines my creative process.” 

Benji explained how this tape was inspired by my many flows and several different styles. The Bronx emcee, states, “I showed my versatility very well on this album and each song brings a different vibe. I wanted to execute each vibe I felt at that time. Music can tell a story and take your on a journey. I want my listeners to feel like getting up and bussin a move lol turn up! get litty! lol i want my ladies to shake whatever they got vibe out too lol.”

As he loves to make music he enjoys expressing his unique visions in many of his previous visuals. Currently partnering with the 33rd Entertainment Company, this artist has a lot in store. Benji Baby continues to remain consistent throughout each project, click the link below to tune in to Vibes on Vibes!

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