Ben Corry: Tapping Into His Roots to Create New-Age Music

We needed a creative source of inspiration because the original may become stale with time. Ben Corry exemplifies the kind of unconventional creative thinking that our editorial team values in artists. What we’re saying is beautifully illustrated through his music.

The creativity of the artist lies in his ability to use music to take listeners to a different world.

Ben Corry is a very brilliant and skilled musician and producer who entered the musical realm of entertainment after being inspired by Swedish Mafia House’s live performance. Ben’s musical abilities have improved with time, but he is always in awe of the original music they continue to produce.

Originally from Santa Barbara, this young artist is currently based in Los Angeles.

The words “fun,” “electric,” and “honest” better describe his musical skill. It is clear from his music that people frequently add his works to their playlists right away.

Ben Corry is one of the musical performers that our editorial staff frequently brings from every nook and cranny. His path is also quite motivating since although he always had a passion for music, there came a point where he could no longer deny it. He made the decision to eventually enter the music industry.

He puts a lot of hard work and energy into making his project a success. We must acknowledge this young talent as they are the ones who can change the music scene in the future. We hardly see today’s artists creating creative sounds because everyone is making the same old content with repetitive sounds.

Talking about his creative process Ben Corry quotes, “ When I get inspired I hum the idea into my voice memos so I don’t forget. When I am in a creative mood I comb through all of my memos and see if anything stands out. Once I have a pretty good sense for the feel and outline of the song then I start the production and writing. This process can take 2 days or 3 weeks. It really just depends. Then once the record is done I send it off to mix and master and pick a release date!”

He has a lot of things planned for his upcoming project. Currently, he is working on two EPs that will be released later this month. The singer wants people to listen to his music and escape from all the troubles that life brings. This is because it is hectic for everyone, and his music may help them to feel amazing.

Dropout was Ben Corry’s inspiration in his early days and his work helped him to create his own and reach this position. People can follow him on Instagram where he releases sneak peeks of all his latest work. Also, connect with him via his website and Youtube Channel.

 People can follow him on Instagram:

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