Bellflower Native, N01SES Debuts His Brilliant New Album

Unfortunately, the city of Bellflower, California got some unwanted national attention this past week when a certain murderer was caught there — we won’t say his name — and that sucks, cause Bellflower is awesome. Sporting some of my favorite studios and some of the best dispensaries in LA County, the city is also responsible for one of my favorite artists right now, N01SES, who drops off his dope new project, Memoirs.

While the whole project itself is amazing, some of the other standouts to check out include, “RIPXXX”, “Do Better If You Knw Better” and “Poitier Tang”, Memoirs is without a doubt buoyed on the back of the record, “Blackman”. Utilizing some crazy production that sets the scene perfectly for N01SES, the Bellflower rapper absolutely just tears this beat to shreds. Rhyming about topics like racial injustices, incarceration and more in an incredibly infectious tone, N01SES makes, “Blackman” really hard to turn off and easily one of my favorite records of the Young new year.

Press play on the album below and get familiar.

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