Behind The Looks: Emily Santos

There has never been a better time to drop our newest issue for Behind The Looks! This time we will be having a discussion with Emily Santos and her journey through the industry as a model. She has witnessed both good and bad shifts from what the modeling industry has thrown in her way. Emily managed to be featured in several high-scale music videos and many modeling publications throughout her journey. She will share her personal story and help give advice to any reader looking to pursue modeling.

Most people assume models have always have it easy, and their looks are the only source of skill. That view though is undoubtedly false when it comes to the models we have interviewed in the past, and the same goes for Emily. From a very early age, she had suffered through life altering experiences. We will not disclose that experience that she had gone through but will reassure all readers with her family and close friends vehemently praise her resilience. While focusing on pursuing academics and a keen interest in music, Santos had truly never anticipated her future career in modeling. After finishing high school, Emily began contact with several different photographers looking to work. After a few photoshoots and branding on her social media, she had put together a strong portfolio with several different shots that would help her land paid gigs for her career.

Once Emily’s modeling career had taken off and her portfolio was slowly improving with each new experience. She still pursue music to express her emotions and attended college to reach new milestones within her education. When most people look at Emily for the first time, they usually assume she would be spoiled, mean, or even stuck up. But truth be told, she has as normal as the rest of us. She has gone through success and failure throughout her life. She had to attend a school like most, work a job to provide her own bills and had to push through any obstacle that would come her way.

Emily had to face her own crippling issues from personal problems, career failures, all the way to judgment from the rest of society based on just appearance. The pressure can be damaging and leave most ready to give up. But, given the opportunities to talk to Emily, we believe she had long term success ahead of her. From modeling to making music, she hopes to eventually fuel others to chase after their desired dreams.

Remember to stay tuned in for the next Behind The Looks and stay connected with Emily Santos via Instagram!

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