Be On The Lookout For Newcomer Powderr

Powderr is a rising artist you should be on the lookout for. The Sudbury Ontario, Canada based artist has a unique sound. He says he grew up learning French, and has a higher pitched voice that influences his music. As part of his hobbies, Powderr likes to watch interviews related to music in order to draw inspiration for the lyrics of his life. His musical influences also include his dad and uncle. Recently, he and A$AP Twelvyy collaborated on a single called “Birdbox,” which is a dynamic release and offers a breath of fresh air.

About Powderr’s new collaboration

The new collaboration marks a new high moment for Powderr and his music career. As an avid freestyler from Canada, he was tagging his favorite rap musicians on Instagram posts from @PowderrBrand. He would post videos of himself rapping to beats from members of the A$AP Mob. Powderr says “A$AP Twelvyy was one of the members [he] tagged on my Instagram posts.”

From there, Powderr says “he sent me a message inviting me to his discord server. While I had his attention I asked him ‘how much for a feature?’ And the rest is history.” 

Powderr – Birdbox ft. A$AP Twelvyy is available to stream on DSPs. 

Sudbury Ontario Canada artist has a unique sound and watches interviews on music-related topics to educate himself and learn more about the industry.

Check out the song below:

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